Why design and develop a custom website?


There are many confusing options for the uninitiated when it comes to website development which means making the right decision for your business can be challenging.

The first thing to think about is how valuable is your web presence?

The measures for this are not just in terms of directly generated revenue, but other less tangible aspects also need to be considered. Things like credibility and brand equity are important when you consider the ‘shop window’ nature of a website.

Secondly, the design, structure and content of your website is of vital importance in describing your business and informing potential customers of your offering.

The technical aspects of a website such as performance, security and search engine ranking feed into the above to complete a package which represents your business.

A custom website design and build allows you to tick all of these boxes. And as the name would suggest, such a website is tailored to your needs and to the way you want to present your business to the world.

So what is a custom website?

The best way to begin to answer this question is to describe a website that is not custom built for you. These sites proliferate on the web and are typically based on paid-for white label themes. While this is a problem, the main issue is that many people who call themselves web developers roll these themes out with minimal customisation. The result is a generic website that looks a lot like every other website in your industry sector.

Even if themes are customised, the look and functionality can be severely constrained by what the theme offers, rather than what is technically possible.

Additionally, these themes often come packed with code that is never even used on your site but is nevertheless loaded which can greatly diminish speed and performance. So functionality can suffer too, further framing your business as run-of-the-mill.

A custom website is designed. Then it is built based on those designs, meaning you get a result that can take on any shape or form but is essentially yours and is how you want to showcase your business and brand.

At Digital Elements, we build custom sites. They can take longer to develop than other sites but we believe the benefits they offer your business outweigh any extra initial cost.

Give us a shout to discuss how we may be able to improve your web presence with a custom built website.