Symply Too Good

Digital Elements has provided a range of digital and online solutions for Sunshine Coast-based weightloss company Symply Too Good To Be True.

We developed a custom ecommerce website which also features a membership program and individual apps such as a weight loss tracker and BMI calculator for membership level filtering.

Founded by Sunshine Coast icon, Annette Sym, Symply Too Good To Be True is a leader and innovator in the weightloss industry, best known for their cookbooks and mentoring programs. Annette’s position as ‘Australia’s favourite weightloss mentor’ is built on years of promoting realistic, sustainable weightloss through healthy lifestyle choices.

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The membership section of the site was custom built with four different levels based on the calorie intake requirements of a user which were determined by a filtering process for which we created a wordpress plugin.

Digital Elements also provides web hosting and email direct marketing services to Symply Too Good.